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Plants are the gift that last and last! At Value Flowers we stock an array of seasonal, fresh plants that are perfect for any occasion. From our elegant Phalaenopsis orchid plants available year-round to our fabulous indoor peace lilies, we have the perfect plant for you. Our value for money plants start at only $39.95 with a flat rate delivery fee of $12.95 (Sydney Metro area only). Want to jazz up your plant a little more? Take a look at our range of chocolate and wine that can be added to your gift. Order online or if you have a specific request, call our customer service team toll free on 1300 852 452.

Gift Wrapped Bromeliad
$39.95 SOLD OUT
Phalaenopsis-White Orchid
$49.95 SOLD OUT
Gift Wrapped Anthurium Plant
$39.95 SOLD OUT

Indoor plants make fantastic gifts for any occasion!

Our top selling plant is the Phalaenopsis orchid plant, and for good reason. Not only is it exquisitely beautiful, but it lasts for weeks and weeks (and weeks), making it unbelievable value for money. Their moth-shaped blooms come in either white or pink, and if cared for properly, will re-flower year after year. The best way to care for Phalaenopsis orchid plants is to position them near softly filtered sunlight. Keep the plant moist, allowing it to drain well before putting back in its pot, as their roots don't like wet feet! Once they have finished flowering and their blooms have fallen off, simply cut the stem at an angle just above one of the 'nodules', and invest in a good liquid orchid fertiliser.

Our Phalaenopsis orchid plants are delivered in a ceramic pot and look super stylish in a home or office. These plants even make lovely gifts to send people in hospital, as they can also benefit from taking them home upon being discharged. Teamed with chocolate or a cuddly teddy bear they are the ultimate gift!

A great plant for the office or home is the very-hard-to-kill Peace Lily or Anthurium plant. These plants have lovely foliage that research shows is great for purifying the air - so in other words they are great for your health too! 

Other seasonal indoor plants online include the fabulous bromeliad plant. This hardy plant comes in unique, individual colours and markings ranging from vibrant red and green to soft pinks and silvery greys. Plus it is really easy to look after, so people who are not green thumbs should have no problem looking after this plant! Its striking sculptural foliage is a fantastic gift for someone who has a contemporary style.

Over the summer months, we get a flush of fresh hydrangea plants to choose from. They are usually around for a short time only, so make the most of them when you get the opportunity. And of course if you are looking for a specific indoor plant and can't see it on our website, feel free to give us a call on 1300 852 452 and we will be more than happy to assist!

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